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The Curation Process:

  • Music has the power to elevate the senses & for an occasion as important as the wedding, the right Chants can help raise the vibrations of a given space with our perfectly engineered surround sound system.

  • With years of experience as wedding planners, Divinity Weddings bring in their knowledge of the ceremony, combined with AJ’s musical talent, we are able to curate the right mix of tradition & contemporary vibe. 

  • Understanding the families spiritual & religious beliefs, helps in customising the musical experience. The selections of songs seamlessly flow from one to the next during the entire wedding rituals. 

  • Music for the Bride’s entry is as important as her outfit, hence special attention is paid to this musical piece to make sure she has that special moment as she walks down the aisle. 

  • Lastly, we liaise with the family pandits on the ceremony details to make sure we all are in sync with the flow. 

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