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The Musical Flow:

  • The musical experience begins right from the Bride side assembly. Almost an hour of soothing instrumental music played while they await to welcome the Baraat. 

  • The Baraat is greeted with melodious Chants as the groom walks towards the Varmala stage. 

  • The Bridal Baraat – whether it is the latest Bollywood tracks or Melodious love song, every Bride has her special song that she walks down the aisle with her sisters & friends proclaiming her love for her soulmate. 

  • The couple exchanges garlands with celebratory Bells, Shanks & Drums as families & friends shower them with petals & blessings. 

  • Once the wedding ceremony begins, specially curated mantras are played from the start till the end of the ceremony. 

  • As 2 families become 1, we end the ceremony seeking blessings of the Universal Masters for the couple, as they embark on this incredible journey of love, friendship & togetherness. 

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